Environmental Protection in Germany     Germany really cares about their environment. They have a coalition government called a Green Party. The Green Party means that environmental interests have a direct voice in parliament. This guarantees that politicians in other parties remain sensitive to environmental concerns. All political parties in Germany portray themselves as champions […]

This blog post is about the educational system. But let’s start to talk about the time before school: the kindergarten. In America everyone goes to the kindergarten and it’s free. In Germany you have to pay for it. Most Germans attend voluntary community or church-run kindergartens. Now the school: Germany uses marks for its grading […]

My first post is about Environmental Protection in the USA. Environmental protection in America in terms of waste is taken very carefully. In the cities and national parks are waste containers or bins, as on the sites. It is forbidden to throw trash out of the car. But they don’t really care about saving water and […]

This post is about politics in Germany and the USA. Germany is a federal, parliamentary, representative democratic republic. Like in the USA the president is the head of state and he is elected by the Bundesversammlung (federal convention). In Germany the chancellor is the head of government. The German political system operates under a framework called Grundgesetz (Basic Law). In this chart you can see […]

This post is about the environmental protection in Germany. The environment is important for Germany. Germany wants to turn of all nuclear power plant as fast as it can. The German solartechnology is very modern and on this technology Germany works together hand in hand with Japan. Solarenergy isn’t the only good for environment. There […]

The environmental protection in the USA reduces E-waste,combating climate change by limiting pollutants,improving air quality,expanding access to clean water.They also try to reduce the reproduction of invasive species like the rusty crayfish,which is decreasing the native population of sturgeon by eating the eggs of the sturgeon. This agency was created in the 1960’s.The rapid reconstruction […]

Hi Guys, Our first post is comparing American and German TV and Radio: First we talk about general comments  on American TV and radio. The US radio scene is different from that in most other parts of the world. One of the main differences are the types of names used for American stations. US radio […]